Pay for your window, solar panel, carpet, conservatory and gutter cleaning services with the click of a button.

TLC Cleaning Solutions are pleased to offer customers the opportunity to pay for their services securely online, via GoCardless. There are many benefits to using this service, please see below for our detailed information! You can use this service to pay for any of our services, from window cleaning, gutter cleaning, conservatory cleaning and carpet cleaning.

TLC Money

Our secure payment gateway is a quick and easy method of paying for our services. No more messing with change at the door, just simply fill out this 1 minute form and you're on your way!

TLC Bill

Never miss a payment again and avoid receiving calls from us requesting payment!

TLC Secure Payments

GoCardless have military grade security and encryption, so matter what your data is safe and secure at all times! GoCardless is an authorised payment institution regulated by the financial conduct authority.

TLC Online Payment Services

Direct Debit Guarantee so if anything was to go wrong with your transaction, you're entitled to an instant refund from your bank.

Try GoCardless, and start paying with ease today!